Life is What Happens While You Are Making Plans

"The problem with life is that there is little or no time for practice."
LIWHWYAMP is a compilation of things I find interesting or am passionate about. Which pretty much boils down to fairness for all people, architecture, science, cinema and animals - at least, judging by my postings.


PBS - NATURE: Red-lipped Batfish and Frogfish

Catch a rare look at a red-lipped batfish and a frogfish, some of the strangest residents of the underwater kingdom off of Cocos Island in the Indian Ocean near Africa. NATURE’s Shark Mountain takes viewers to Cocos Island in the Pacific, where sharks of all kinds converge in staggering numbers.

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Florida Lawmaker Drafts Bill To Require Every Student To Watch Documentary Explaining Why Liberals Hate America


Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza may be getting an influx of new viewers of his documentary film ‘America’ after a Republican state senator from Florida said he plans on introducing a bill to make the movie mandatory in public schools.

Republican Alan Hays, inspired after seeing the movie in theaters, said he now plans on introducing a one-page bill in November which would require all 1,700 Florida high schools and middle schools to show the movie to their students, unless their parents choose to opt them out.

The documentary film is a conservative-spin on American history focusing on elevating the “essential goodness of America” while discrediting criticisms about American’s checkered history with civil rights and social justice. It’s not completely inconceivable for the bill to pass the Republican-controlled Florida legislature and be signed into law by Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

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They’re called the Reagan Youth for a reason, those proud young Aryans.

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America, we know you hate Congress, but this makes no sense

Americans don’t show their political anger through passion. They show it through apathy.

Only 7% of Americans have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in Congress according to a Gallup poll released last month. That’s the lowest it’s been since Gallup started asking in 1973 — meaning it might be the lowest it’s ever been.

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Have Corporations Become Modern-day Golems?

Corporations are the golems of American business. They are created out of inanimate material (Justice Samuel Alito’s “piece of paper”) to act on the self-interests of their owners while limiting the owners’ responsibility.

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