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OK.  One more.  This had to be reblogged.  The Swells don’t get it and it’s no more obvious than in this video.  They are in for a rude awakening.

Class warfare:  Bring it on


Wall Street denizens mock Occupy Wall Street protesters by sipping champagne. Really. Gawker first discussed this with a posting about the Facebook event trying to organize the upper crust:

As the first week of the #occupywallstreet protest against corporate stuff draws to a close, some classy capitalists have decided to dust off their favorite Nixon-era jargon and hold a champagne-soaked counter-protest of their own. Free laxative-enriched muffins for all “hippies,” LOL.

A “pro-business Democrat” tipster sent us some screenshots of the Facebook event page for today’s corporate counter-protest, titled “Anti Hippy Protester Champagne Toast on Wall Street.”

Well, here’s the video. Police brutality, counter-protesting with champagne toasts… Who says there’s a class war? Nothing to see here, folks. </sarcasm>

(via reagan-was-a-horrible-president)

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    So fucking pathetic. Everything’s a joke to them.
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    This the the shameless class warfare we are up against folks. May I present the 1%, holding an “Anti Hippie Protester...
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    I work pretty much right on Liberty Plaza and I confess, the shouts and drums and vuvuzelas outside my office window get...
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