Life is What Happens While You Are Making Plans

"The problem with life is that there is little or no time for practice."
LIWHWYAMP is a compilation of things I find interesting or am passionate about. Which pretty much boils down to fairness for all people, architecture, science, cinema and animals - at least, judging by my postings.

Washington Monthly Political Animal? Anyone?

Anyone read the Political Animal blog at The Washington Monthly anymore?  I knew Ed Kilgore was a DLC tool, but was willing to give him a chance. 

Let’s just say Kilgore is a very pale version of Steve Benen.  Benen was unstoppable, a dozen or more entries a day, seven days a week.  No vacations, no teeth, no sinuses, no moving, etc.  I read the Maddowblog everyday now to catch Steve and only read the Political Animal if I am bored.  Usually, Kilgore’s commentary is pedestrian and boring. 

BTW, the pop ups on Washington Monthly page have gotten a little to much for me to take.