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"The problem with life is that there is little or no time for practice."
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Do NOT Be Fooled About Occupy Wall St.'s Brooklyn Bridge Protest


Do NOT be fooled by the false reports by CNN and the now “altered” article by the Times. While some of us were on the legal pedestrian walkway of the bridge, police began to gesture other peaceful protesters onto the road, in a moment that confused us all. The protesters on the road trusted the NYPD and began marching, the cops were even smiling they said. Then about a third of the way to Brooklyn, they turned on everyone in the road, penned them in with nets, and arrested a whopping 700 of them (and counting). This seemed to be a blatant planned maneuver by the NYPD, no matter how much they deny it. Please read all of the articles circulating online with a critical eye, thank you.

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